It’s the most important step in your daily skincare routine, but all too often I see clients here in Oviedo,
FL with tight, dry skin but still have blackheads and large pores.
How can the skin feel “dry” but still have oil to cause clogged pores??!!

It’s a Cycle.
Our skin is on the neutral side and cleansers that are too alkaline like bar soap, or foaming cleansers that
use sulfates (aka detergents) can strip the protective barrier from the surface of the face. Once your
protective barrier has been compromised, acne-causing bacteria can penetrate and water from within
escapes. Our skin is intelligent, it knows it’s lacking hydration but since it can’t produce water, it
overproduces oil to compensate.
So, you have an oil geyser below trying to get through a tight dried out surface that leads to large pores
filled with congestion or blackheads.
Although necessary to achieve smaller pores, manual extractions during facials only offer a temporary
improvement IF (!) your cleansing routine isn’t up to par.

Here is the mother of all cleansing routines:

1. Massage a marble size amount of cleanser into skin with damp hands for 30 seconds.
Be sure to use circular movements, especially in the t-zone or break out prone areas.
Rinse with lukewarm water.
1. With dry hands and face apply an oil cleanser (Jojoba oil works great!) for 30 seconds in circular
motions, giving extra attention to breakout/blackhead prone areas. Gently remove cleanser
with a clean, wet warm washcloth, be sure the cloth is not too rough or soft.
2. Use a dime size amount of cleanser on damp hands to massage in circular movements again
giving extra attention to t-zone and breakout prone areas.
Then, simply rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.

So, what is the best facial cleanser for dry, combo, oily and acne prone skin types?
Rejuvi K Cleanser!

This water free, aloe vera based cleanser is super concentrated and can be used around the eye
area. It will ensure the skin will be properly cleansed without being stripped of its protective barrier
and is available for purchase in store today.

Incorporate this cleanser to your daily selfcare routine and your skin will thank you!