Through a process called Cavitation, yes you can!

Let’s break down how this amazing process works and how it may assist you in achieving your ideal body shape goals.

Fat cells can be targeted because they are easily disrupted and doing so will cause the fluids (aka lipids) inside to come out, making them smaller.

This process can be achieved through a variety of methods. When you come into Vitality Spa Lounge Oviedo for a customized body contouring session our technician will listen to your concerns and choose the appropriate modality to address them.

Methods include Ultrasound or “Sono” waves to vibrate, our Laser Lipo panels are comprised of LED bulbs that use a specific wavelength of light, RF or radiofrequency heats the skin, and the Hiempt PRO device aka “muscle stimulation machine” uses an electromagnetic field to cause cavitation.


Cavitation works…

…well for sculpting and contouring larger areas of the body, think slimming or enhancing your shape, smoothing cellulite and tightening the skin. Clients who incorporate these self-care treatments with healthy eating habits, increased water intake and regular exercise see results faster. They are truly motivational!

When you see hard work pay off it encourages you to continue making smart choices to reach your goals.

A series of treatments is recommended to achieve desired results.

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